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UAMH Number:10692
Species Name: Paranannizziopsis californiensis
Taxonomy: FUNGI Ascomycota, Eurotiomycetes, Onygenales, Nannizziopsiaceae
Strain History: Sutherland-Smith, M. (198270) -> UAMH
Substrate: skin of tentacled snake (Erpeton tentaculatum); histopathology + for hyphae and conidia
Location: USA California, San Diego, San Diego Zoo (GEO: 32.735,-117.149)
Isolator: (C) M. Sutherland-Smith; (I) L. Sigler
Isolation Date: 2006-05-08
Date Received: 2006-05-30
Characters: CYCLOHEXIMIDE resistant (MYC) // HUMAN/ ANIMAL PATHOGEN dermatomycosis in file snake Erpeton tentaculatum // KERATINOPHILIC digests hairs with penetrating bodies // MESOPHILIC grows @ 30 C but scarcely @ 35 C // MOLECULAR SYSTEMATICS phylogeny of Nannizziopsis and reptile pathogens belonging to the CANV complex - Sigler L, Hambleton S, Pare JA, J Clin Microbiol 51:3338-3357, 2013
Cross Reference:
Pathogenic Potential: Human: no | Animal: yes | Plant: no
Biosafety Risk Group: RG2 (check the PHAC ePATHogen Risk Group Database for updates)
Regulatory Requirements: Canadian requesters must provide PHAC Pathogen and Toxin License Number and a CFIA Written Authorization for transfer prior to shipment. International requesters must provide all legally required importation documentation prior to shipment. This strain is not available for shipment to Cuba, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Iran or Syria. Plant pathogenicity status may be verified by using the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Fungal Database
MycoBank ID: 804614