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UAMH Number:7615
Species Name: Chlorociboria aeruginascens
Synonyms: Chlorosplenium aeruginascens / Chlorosplenium aeruginosum var. aeruginascens / Peziza aeruginascens
Taxonomy: FUNGI Ascomycota, Leotiomycetes, Helotiales, Chlorociboriaceae
Strain History: Fenwick, G. (5) -> UAMH
Substrate: single ascospore
Location: UNITED KINGDOM England, Lake District (GEO: 50.65,-1.172)
Isolator: G. Fenwick
Isolation Date:
Date Received: 1994-07-26
Characters: APPLICATION stimulating growth and xylindein pigment on malt agar with wood additives - Robinson SC, Tudor D, Snider H, Cooper PA, AMB Express 2:15, 2012 // CULTURE CONDITIONS phialidic conidia in culture - Fenwick, The Mycologist 7:172-175, 1993 // PIGMENT black on CER // PIGMENT blue-green (xylindein) - Fenwick, The Mycologist 7:172-175, 1993
Cross Reference:
Pathogenic Potential: Human: no | Animal: no | Plant: yes
Biosafety Risk Group: RG1 (check the PHAC ePATHogen Risk Group Database for updates)
Regulatory Requirements: Canadian requesters must provide a CFIA Written Authorization for transfer prior to shipment. International requesters must provide all legally required importation documentation prior to shipment. Plant pathogenicity status may be verified by using the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Fungal Database
MycoBank ID: 285167