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UAMH Number:9556
Species Name: Ceratocystis novae-zelandiae
Synonyms: Ophiostoma novae-zelandiae
Taxonomy: FUNGI Ascomycota, Sordariomycetes, Microascales, Ceratocystidaceae
Strain History: Reid, J. (UM 863) -> UAMH
Substrate: Matai (Podocarpus spicatus), inner bark and outer sapwood showing bark beetle activity
Location: NEW ZEALAND Taupo, Minginui, Urewera National Park (GEO: -38.642,176.732)
Isolator: J. & S. Reid (82-147d)
Isolation Date: 1982-06-11
Date Received: 1999-06-17
Characters: BENOMYL sensitive // BIODETERIOGEN/ BIODEGRADATION caused brownish to black staining in all wood tested - Hutchison & Reid, NZ J. Bot. 26:63-81, 1988 // CYCLOHEXIMIDE resistant // MOLECULAR SYSTEMATICS molecular genetic variation among members of the genera Ophiostoma, Ceratocystis & Microascus - Hausner & Reid, Can. J. Bot. 71:1249-1265, 1993 // PIGMENT dark brown // SYSTEMATICS/ TAXONOMY descriptions of some potential wood-staining Ophiostomataceae from New Zealand - Hutchison & Reid, NZ J. Bot. 26:63-81, 1988
Cross Reference: UM 863
Pathogenic Potential: Human: yes | Animal: no | Plant: yes
Biosafety Risk Group: RG1 (check the PHAC ePATHogen Risk Group Database for updates)
Regulatory Requirements: Canadian requesters must provide PHAC Pathogen and Toxin License Number (see: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/laboratory-biosafety-biosecurity/licensing-program.html) prior to shipment. International requesters must provide all legally required importation documentation prior to shipment. Plant pathogenicity status may be verified by using the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Fungal Database
MycoBank ID: 134474


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