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INSTRUCTIONS: The Species Name search will accept all or part of a name, and searches current names in addition to all known synonyms when Include Synonyms is set to yes (default). For example, a Species Name search on cephalosporium will return a number of strains of Acremonium, Fusarium, Gibellulopsis, etc. To restrict results to current names only, set the Include Synonyms drop-down to no. All fields accept partial names and will return search results including any records with that letter sequence (e.g., cephalosp in the above example). For comparison, a Species Name search of cephalosp with Include Synonyms set to no will return only strains where the text string cephalosp occurs in the current name [try it!]. Taxonomic names above genus can be searched with the Taxonomy field, such as family (e.g., chaetomiaceae), order (e.g., polyporales), etc. The Other Number field may be used to find materials accessioned under numbers in other collections (e.g., CBS 101.10). Fields can be searched in combination (e.g., searching aspergillus in Species Name together with ATCC in Other Number and Include Synonyms set to no will return all strains of Aspergillus from UAMH that are cross-listed in the ATCC collection [try it!]). The Strain Designation drop-down allows the search to include any strains or to be restricted to type or ex-type strains. Click any search result to view the detailed record or tick the box to add the item to the shopping cart.