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Title: Notes on Gymnoascaceae. II. Some Gymnoascaceae and keratinophilic fungi from Utah
Source: Mycologia 64: 55-72 (1972)
Author(s): Orr, G. F. and Kuehn, H. H.
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Arthroderma insingulare sp. nov., another Gymnoascaceous state of the Trichophyton terrestre complex
Source: Sabouraudia 10: 47-51 (1972)
Author(s): Padhye, A. A. and Carmichael, J. W.
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Simple Dye Release Assay for Determining Cellulolytic Activity of Fungi
Source: Applied and Environmental Microbiology 23: 875-879 (1972)
Author(s): Raymond P. Poincelot, Peter R. Day
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 4158; UAMH 4170

Title: Pullulan 4-glucanohydrolase from Aspergillus niger
Source: Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 153: 180-187 (1972)
Author(s): Sakano, Y., Higuchi, M. and Kobayashi, T.
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 7576

Source: Acta Phytopathologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 7: 13-20 (1972)
Author(s): Sekhon et al
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Occurrence of aflatoxinogenic molds on Dry Cracower Sausage
Source: Acta Microbiol. Polonica 4: 233-239 (1972)
Author(s): Strzelecki EL, Badura L
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 5727

Title: Some properties of a dextranglucosidase isolated from oral streptococci and its use in studies on dextran synthesis
Source: Journal of Dental Research 51: 409 (1972)
Author(s): Walker, G. J.
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 7579

Title: Incompatibility in Microsporum cookei
Source: Sabouraudia 9: 27-29 (1971)
Author(s): AA Padhye, JW Carmichael
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Biosynthesis of dithiadiketopiperazine antibiotics: Comparison of possible aromatic amino acid precursors
Source: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 43: 588-594 (1971)
Author(s): D.R. Brannon, J.A. Mabe, B.B. Molloy, W.A. Day
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 4136

Title: The fatty acid composition of Dactylaria and Scolecobasidium
Source: Canadian Journal of Microbiology 17: 7-11 (1971)
Author(s): JL Sumner, HC Evans
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 1533

Title: Fusicoccin: characterisation of the oxygen substituents
Source: Chemical Communications 1968(19): 1195-1197 (1971)
Author(s): K. D. Barrow, D. H. R. Barton, E. B. Chain, C. Conlay, T. V. Smale, R. Thomas, E. S. Waight
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 8716

Title: Enhanced cellulase production by a mutant of Trichoderma viride
Source: Applied and Environmental Microbiology 21: 152-154 (1971)
Author(s): Mandels M, Weber J, Parizek R
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 4170

Title: Pathway of chitin synthesis and cellular localization of chitin synthetase in Mocor rouxii
Source: Journal of Biological Chemistry 246: 3999-4007 & 4008-4015 (1971)
Author(s): McMurrough, I., Flores-Carreon, A. and Bartnicki-Garcia, S.
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 8113

Title: Notes on Gymnoascaceae. I. A review of eight species
Source: Mycologia 63: 191-203 (1971)
Author(s): Orr, G. F. and Kuehn, H. H.
UAMH strains(s):

Title: An unusual variant of Microsporum cookei
Source: Sabouraudia 9: 254-255 (1971)
Author(s): Padhye, A. A.
UAMH strains(s):

Title: The genus Arthroderma Berkeley
Source: Canadian Journal of Botany 49: 1525-1540 (1971)
Author(s): Padhye, A. A. and Carmichael, J. W.
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Occurrence of aflatoxin producing strains of Aspergillus flavus link in stored corn
Source: Mycopathologia et Mycologia Applicata 44: 221-229 (1971)
Author(s): Richard JJ, Cysewski SJ
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 9308

Title: Biosynthesis of polyketides the synthesis of 6-methylsalicylic acid and triacetic acid lactone in Penicillium patulum
Source: Bioorganic Chemistry 1: 380-399 (1971)
Author(s): Scott AI, Phillips GT, Kirchiis U
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 6123

Title: Progress towards the total synthesis of guanacastepene A. Approaches to the construction of quaternary carbons and the 5-7-6 tricyclic carbon skeleton
Source: Tetrahedron Letters 43: 4033-4036 (1971)
Author(s): Truc M. Nguyen, Daesung Lee
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 5728

Title: Mycotoxins from food-borne fungi
Source: Canadian Journal of Microbiology 14: 131-137 (1971)
Author(s): van Walbeek W, Scott PM, Thatcher FS
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 5728

Title: Ultrastructure of Aspergillus nidulans conidia and conidial lomasomes
Source: Protoplasma 72: 55-67 (1971)
Author(s): Weisberg, S. H. and Turian, G.
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Isolation and Characterization of a Double-Stranded Ribonucleic Acid from Penicillium chrysogenum
Source: Journal of Virology 6: 813-819 (1970)
Author(s): Lemke PA, Ness TM
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 9184

Title: Heterogeneous systems II: influence of partitioning and molecular interactions on in vitro biologic activity of preservatives in emulsions
Source: Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 59: 372-376 (1970)
Author(s): NK Patel, JM Romanowski
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Mating reactions of pigmented and non-pigmented isolates of Arthroderma uncinatum
Source: Sabouraudia 8: 112-5 (1970)
Author(s): Padhye, A. A. and Carmichael, J. W.
UAMH strains(s):