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Title: Back to the roots: a reappraisal of Neocosmospora
Source: Persoonia 43: 90-185 (2019)
Author(s): Sandoval-Denis M, Lombard L, Crous PW
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 6870

Title: Accessing the biocatalytic potential for C− H‐Activation by targeted genome mining and screening
Source: ChemCatChem 11(23): 5766-5777 (2019)
Author(s): Schmitz LM, Schäper J, Rosenthal K, Lütz S
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 1704; UAMH 10762; UAMH 11346

Title: Botryotrichum domesticum sp. nov., a new hyphomycete from an indoor environment
Source: Botany 97(6): 311-319 (2019)
Author(s): Schultes NP, Strzalkowski N, Li DW
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 11929

Title: Blastomyces helicus, a new dimorphic fungus causing fatal pulmonary and systemic disease in humans and animals in Western Canada and the United States
Source: Clinical Infectious Diseases 68: 188-195 (2019)
Author(s): Schwartz IS; Wiederhold NP; Hanson KE; Patterson TF; Sigler L
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 3538; UAMH 3539; UAMH 7101

Title: Diversity of Onygenalean fungi in keratin-rich habitats of Maharashtra (India) and description of three novel taxa
Source: Mycopathologia 185: 67-85 (2019)
Author(s): Sharma R, Shouche YS 
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 160; UAMH 1889; UAMH 2006; UAMH 2296; UAMH 2338; UAMH 2846; UAMH 3117; UAMH 3156; UAMH 3382; UAMH 3406; UAMH 3519; UAMH 3543; UAMH 3625; UAMH 3912; UAMH 3952; UAMH 4097; UAMH 4098; UAMH 4566; UAMH 6914; UAMH 9990

Title: The endophyte Allantophomopsis cytisporea is associated with snow blight on Calluna vulgaris in the Alps—An effect of climate change?
Source: Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 51(1): 460-470 (2019)
Author(s): Sieber TN
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 12110; UAMH 12111; UAMH 12112; UAMH 12113; UAMH 12114; UAMH 12115; UAMH 12116; UAMH 12117; UAMH 12118; UAMH 12119; UAMH 12120; UAMH 12121; UAMH 12122; UAMH 12124; UAMH 12125; UAMH 12126; UAMH 12128; UAMH 12129; UAMH 12131; UAMH 12132; UAMH 12133; UAMH 12134; UAMH 12135; UAMH 12138; UAMH 12140; UAMH 12145; UAMH 12146

Title: Composition, device, and method for biological air sampling
Source: US Patent 10,227,631 (2019)
Author(s): Sobek E
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 7863

Title: Phylogeny and a new species of the genus Arachnomyces (Arachnomycetaceae)
Source: Phytotaxa 394(1): 89-97 (2019)
Author(s): Sun BS, Chen AJ, Houbraken J
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 5344; UAMH 5908; UAMH 7113; UAMH 7183; UAMH 7799; UAMH 9756; UAMH 10000; UAMH 10536

Title: Genomic evidence of recombination in the basidiomycete Wallemia mellicola
Source: Genes 10(6): 427 (2019)
Author(s): Sun X, Gostinčar C, Fang C, Zajc J, Hou Y, Song Z, Gunde-Cimerman N
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 2651; UAMH 2757; UAMH 6689

Title: Mrakia hoshinonis sp. nov., a novel psychrophilic yeast isolated from a retreating glacier on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic
Source: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 69(4): 944-948 (2019)
Author(s): Tsuji M, Tanabe Y, Vincent WF, Uchida M
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 11969; UAMH 11970; UAMH 11971; UAMH 11972

Title: Vishniacozyma ellesmerensis sp. nov., a psychrophilic yeast isolated from a retreating glacier in the Canadian High Arctic
Source: International journal of Systemic and Evolutionary Microbiology 69(3) (2019)
Author(s): Tsuji M, Tanabe Y, Vincent WF, Uchida M
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 11973; UAMH 11974

Title: Shallow genome sequencing for phylogenomics of mycorrhizal fungi from endangered orchids
Source: bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/862763 (2019)
Author(s): Unruh S, Pires CA , Zettler LW, Erba L, Grigoriev IV, Barry K, Daum C, Lipzen A, Stajich JE
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 7632; UAMH 9824; UAMH 11750

Title: Phialophora section Catenulatae disassembled: New genera, species, and combinations and a new family encompassing taxa with cleistothecial ascomata and …
Source: Mycologia 111(6): 998-1027 (2019)
Author(s): Untereiner WA, Yue Q, Chen L, Li Y, Bills GF, Stepanek V, Reblova M
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 918

Title: Production of lignin-modifying enzymes by Trametes ochracea on high-molecular weight fraction of olive mill wastewater, a byproduct of olive oil biorefinery
Source: New Biotechnology 50: 44-51 (2019)
Author(s): Vaidya V, Carota E, Calonzi D, Petruccioli M, D'Annibale A
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 7308; UAMH 8258

Title: No change detected in culturable fungal assemblages on cave walls in Eastern Canada with the introduction of Pseudogymnoascus destructans
Source: Diversity 11(12): 222 (2019)
Author(s): Vanderwolf KJ, Malloch D, McAlpine CF
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 11722; UAMH 11729

Title: Understanding the demographics of US woodturners and their knowledge of spalted wood
Source: International Wood Products Journal 10(2): 39-48 (2019)
Author(s): Vega Gutierrez PT, Robinson S
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 4802; UAMH 7614; UAMH 7615; UAMH 10320

Title: Feasibility and surface evaluation of the pigment from Scytalidium cuboideum for inkjet printing on textiles
Source: Coatings 9(4): 266 (2019)
Author(s): Vega Gutierrez SM, He Y, Cao Y, Stone D, Walsh Z, Malhotra R, Chen HL, Chang CH, Robinson SC
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 11517

Title: Methane biodegradation and enhanced methane solubilization by the filamentous fungi Fusarium solani
Source: Chemosphere 226: 24-35 (2019)
Author(s): Vergara-Fernández A, Morales P, Scott F, Guerrero S, Yanez L, Mau S, Aroca G
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 4521; UAMH 7369; UAMH 10067

Title: A novel Arabidopsis phyllosphere resident Protomyces sp. and a re-examination of genus Protomyces based on genome sequence data.
Source: bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/2019.12.13.875955 (2019)
Author(s): Wang K, Sipilä T, Overmyer K
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 1743

Title: Phylogenetic re-evaluation of Thielavia with the introduction of a new family Podosporaceae
Source: Studies in Mycology 93: 155-252 (2019)
Author(s): Wang XW, Bai FY, Bensch K, Meijer M, Sun BD, Han YF, Crous PW, Samson RA, Yang FY, Houbraken J
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 10771; UAMH 10774

Title: Discovery of aromatic polyketide antibiotics based on sequence metagenomics technology
Source: Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University 42(1): 168-176 (2019)
Author(s): Xiaolu M, Kai G, Zhiyang F
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 3008

Title: First case of a dog infected with Aspergillus (Phialosimplex) caninus in Australasia
Source: New Zealand Veterinary Journal 68(4): 231-237 (2019)
Author(s): Yang W, Jones BR, Rossi G, Stephens N, Merritt AA, Reese S, Langner KFA
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 11502

Title: The high diversity and variable susceptibility of clinically relevant Acremonium-Like species in China
Source: Mycopathologia 184: 759-773 (2019)
Author(s): Yao L, Wang H, Wan Z, Li R, Yu J
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 6508; UAMH 9995

Title: Phylogenetic re-evaluation of the Grosmannia penicillata complex (Ascomycota, Ophiostomatales), with the description of five new species from China and …
Source: Fungal Biology 124(2): 110-124 (2019)
Author(s): Yin M, Wingfield MJ, Zhou X, de Beer ZW
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 6348; UAMH 10624; UAMH 10625; UAMH 10626; UAMH 10650; UAMH 10652

Title: Enhancement of fur and skin from bull moose with additional entomopathogenic fungi that offer increased protection against damage from winter ticks (Dermacentor …
Source: International Journal of Acarology 45(3): 97-105 (2019)
Author(s): Yoder JA, Pekins PJ, Dobrotka CJ, Fisher KA, Randazzo CR, Kantar L, McLellan S, O’Neal M
UAMH strains(s):