Publications Citing UAMH Strains


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Title: The marine algae of St. Kilda
Source: Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh 41: 31-41 (1970)
Author(s): R Watling, LM Irvine, TA Norton
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Effects of temperature on growth, proteins, peroxidases, protease, RNA, RNase, and HCN production of ageing cultures of a low-temperature basidiomycete
Source: Canadian Journal of Botany 48: 1827-1837 (1970)
Author(s): Sekhon AS, Colotello N
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Further clarification of Sporotrichum species
Source: Mycologia 62: 797-825 (1970)
Author(s): Taylor, John J.
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Fungal Morphogenesis: Cell Wall Construction in Mucor rouxii
Source: Science 165: 302-304 (1969)
Author(s): Bartnicki-Garcia S, Lippman E
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 8113

Title: Conidium ontogeny in hyphomycetes. The arthrospores of Oidiodendron and Geotrichum, and the endoarthrospores of Sporendonema
Source: Canadian Journal of Botany 47: 1773-1780 (1969)
Author(s): Cole, G. T. and Kendrick, W. B.
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 178; UAMH 433

Title: Basidial cytology of Exidia recisa
Source: Mycologia 61: 415-418 (1969)
Author(s): Furtado, João S.
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 2998

Title: Sclerotinia sclerotium infection of bean and the production of cellulase
Source: Phytopathology 59: 653-657 (1969)
Author(s): Lumsden RD
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 9192

Title: Mating behaviour of Trichophyton mentagrophytes varieties paired with Arthroderma benhamiae mating types
Source: Sabouraudia 7: 178-181 (1969)
Author(s): Padhye AA
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 2834

Title: Behavior of Non-Pigment-Forming Isolates of Keratinomyces ajelloi Mated with Arthroderma uncinatum
Source: Mycologia 61: 1175-1177 (1969)
Author(s): Padhye, A. A.
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Thermotolerance of Chrysosporium tropicum differentiates it from C. keratinophilum
Source: Mycologia 61: 1162-1164 (1969)
Author(s): Padhye, A. A.
UAMH strains(s):

Title: In vitro antifungal Activity of Hamycin against Histoplasma farciminosum
Source: Mycoses 12: 203-5 (1969)
Author(s): Padhye, A. A.
UAMH strains(s):

Title: In vitro sensitivity of human and environmental strains of Cryptococcus neoformans to micronized hamycin
Source: Sabouraudia 7: 182-185 (1969)
Author(s): Padhye, A. A.
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 37; UAMH 38; UAMH 616

Title: Toxigenic fungi associated with stored corn
Source: Mycopathologia et Mycologia Applicata 38: 313-326 (1969)
Author(s): Richard JL Tiffany LH, and Pier AC
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 9308

Title: Antifungal activity of Wallemia ichthyophaga (= Hemispora stellata Vuill.= Torula epizoa Corda)
Source: Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 35: 529-532 (1969)
Author(s): Wilson K, Padhye AA, Carmichael JW
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 2651; UAMH 2757

Title: Growth of Graphium sp. on natural gas
Source: Canadian Journal of Microbiology 15: 1231-1236 (1969)
Author(s): Zajic JE, Volesky B, Wellman A
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 8598

Title: Phialophora gougerotii: An opportunistic fungus in a patient treated with steroids
Source: Sabouraudia 6: 241-245 (1968)
Author(s): DiSalvo AF, Chew WH
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 3006

Title: Treatment of disseminated mycotic infections
Source: American Journal of Medicine 45: 405-418 (1968)
Author(s): Drutz DJ, Spickard A, Rogers DE, Koenig MG
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 10466

Title: Trichophyton (Microsporum?) gallinae ringworm in a monkey
Source: Sabouraudia 6: 207-212 (1968)
Author(s): Gordon MA, Little GN
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 3474; UAMH 3475

Title: Report of a mycetoma due to Phialophoria jeanselmei and undescribed characteristics of the fungus
Source: Sabouraudia 6: 330-333 (1968)
Author(s): H.S. Neilsen, N.F. Conant, T. Weinberg & J.F. Reback
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 3007

Title: Production of glucose by enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose
Source: Applied and Environmental Microbiology 16: 419-420 (1968)
Author(s): Katz M, Reese ET
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 4158

Title: Studies on protein binding I. Interaction of para‐hydroxybenzoic acid esters with bovine serum albumin
Source: Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 57: 1370-1374 (1968)
Author(s): NK Patel, PC Sheen, KE Taylor
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Mating reactions of Trichophyton simii and T. mentagrophytes strains from poultry farm soil in India
Source: Sabouraudia 6: 238-240 (1968)
Author(s): Padhye AA, Carmichael JW
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 2834; UAMH 2835; UAMH 2836; UAMH 2837; UAMH 2838; UAMH 2839; UAMH 2840; UAMH 2841; UAMH 2842

Title: Emmonsia brasiliensis and Emmonsia ciferrina are Chrysosporium pruinosum
Source: Mycologia 60: 445-447 (1968)
Author(s): Padhye, A. A. and Carmichael, J. W.
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Subcutaneous Cystic Granuloma Caused by a Fungus of Wood Pulp (Phialophora richardsiae)
Source: American Journal of Clinical Pathology 49: 500-505 (1968)
Author(s): Schwarz IS, Emmons CW
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 5056

Title: 11α-Hydroxylation of steroids by spores of Aspergillus ochraceus
Source: Canadian Journal of Microbiology 14: 529-532 (1968)
Author(s): Sehgal SN, Singh K, Vezina C
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 9189