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Title: Comparative proteomic analysis reveals the regulatory network of the veA gene during asexual and sexual spore development of Aspergillus cristatus
Source: Bioscience Reports 38: BSR20180067 (2018)
Author(s): Liu, Hui, Sang, Shilei, Wang, Hui, Ren, Xiyi, Tan, Yumei, Chen, Wei, Liu, Zuoyi and Liu, Yongxiang
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 3008

Title: Phylogeny and morphology of Helicotubeufia gen. nov., with three new species in Tubeufiaceae from aquatic habitats
Source: Mycosphere 9: 495-509 (2018)
Author(s): Liu, JK; Cheewangkoon, R; To-Anun, C;
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 7237

Title: Malassezia vespertilionis sp. nov.: a new cold-tolerant species of yeast isolated from bats
Source: Persoonia 41: 56-70 (2018)
Author(s): Lorch, Jeffrey M., Palmer, Jonathan M., Vanderwolf, Karen J., Schmidt, Katie Z., Verant, Michelle L., Weller, Theodore J. and Blehert, David S.
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 11924; UAMH 11925

Title: A taxonomic reassessment of Tubeufiales based on multi-locus phylogeny and morphology
Source: Fungal Diversity 92: 131-344 (2018)
Author(s): Lu, Yong-Zhong, Liu, Jian-Kui Jack, Hyde, Kevin D., Jeewon, Rajesh, Kang, Ji-Chuan, Fan, Cui, Boonmee, Saranyaphat, Bhat, D. Jayarama, Luo, Zong-Long and Lin, Chuan-Gen
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 1359; UAMH 1694; UAMH 1699; UAMH 10533; UAMH 10534; UAMH 10535

Title: Comparative genomics and transcriptomics depict ericoid mycorrhizal fungi as versatile saprotrophs and plant mutualists
Source: New Phytologist 217: 1213-1229 (2018)
Author(s): Martino, Elena, Morin, Emmanuelle, Grelet, Gwen‐Aëlle, Kuo, Alan, Kohler, Annegret, Daghino, Stefania, Barry, Kerrie W., Cichocki, Nicolas, Clum, Alicia and Dockter, Rhyan B.
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 7375; UAMH 11265; UAMH 11274

Title: New Meredithiella species from mycangia of Corthylus ambrosia beetles suggest genus-level coadaptation but not species-level coevolution
Source: Mycologia 110: 63-78 (2018)
Author(s): Mayers, CG; Bateman, CC; Harrington, TC;
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 9778

Title: A novel application of RNase H2-dependent quantitative PCR for detection and quantification of Grosmannia clavigera, a mountain pine beetle fungal symbiont, in environmental samples
Source: Tree Physiology 38: 485-501 (2018)
Author(s): McAllister, Chandra H., Fortier, Colleen E., St Onge, Kate R., Sacchi, Bianca M., Nawrot, Meaghan J., Locke, Troy and Cooke, Janice E. K.
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 4800; UAMH 4917; UAMH 9724; UAMH 10965; UAMH 10969; UAMH 10970; UAMH 11001; UAMH 11006; UAMH 11007; UAMH 11014; UAMH 11017; UAMH 11019; UAMH 11037; UAMH 11038; UAMH 11043; UAMH 11139; UAMH 11143; UAMH 11147

Title: Reduction in the Sulfur Content of Fossil Fuels by Cunninghamella elegans (UCP 0596) to Dibenzothiophene Compound
Source: Recent Insights in Petroleum Science and Engineering, pp 309-323 (2018)
Author(s): Mendes de Souza, P; Lima e Silva, TA; Oliveira Franco, L; Schwartz, M; Silva, PH; Barbosa, LR; Elesbão do Nascimento, A; Okada, K; Campos-Takaki, GM;
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 8156; UAMH 8165

Title: Structural and dynamic characterization of the Golgi Reassembly and Stacking Protein (GRASP) in solution
Source: PhD Thesis, Universidad de Sao Paulo (2018)
Author(s): Mendes, LFS;
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 11346

Title: Mountain pine beetle mutualist Leptographium longiclavatum presence in the southern Rocky Mountains during a record warm period
Source: Sydowia 70: 1-10 (2018)
Author(s): Mercado, JE; Ortiz-Santana, B;
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 4997; UAMH 9584

Title: Gamarada debralockiae gen. nov. sp. nov.—the genome of the most widespread Australian ericoid mycorrhizal fungus
Source: Mycorrhiza 28: 379-389 (2018)
Author(s): Midgley, DJ; Sutcliffe, B; Greenfield, P; Tran-Dinh, N;
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 9446

Title: A comparision of ghost orchid (Dendrophylax lindenii) habitats in Florida and Cuba, with particular reference to seedling recruitment and mycorrhizal fungi
Source: Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 186: 572-586 (2018)
Author(s): Mújica, Ernesto B., Mably, Justin J., Skarha, Shannon M., Corey, Laura L., Richardson, Larry W., Danaher, Mark W., González, Elaine H. and Zettler, Lawrence W.
UAMH strains(s):

Title: Systematics, ecology and plant associations of Australian species of the genus Metarhizium
Source: PhD Thesis, Queensland University of Technology (2018)
Author(s): Naimul Islam, SM;
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 11176

Title: Localization of helotialean fungi on ectomycorrhizae of Castanopsis cuspidata visualized by in situ hybridization
Source: Mycorrhiza 28: 17-28 (2018)
Author(s): Nakamura, N; Tanaka, E; Tanaka, C; Takeuchi-Kaneko, Y;
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 8921

Title: Daldinia sacchari (Hypoxylaceae) from India produces the new cytochalasins Saccalasins A and B and belongs to the D. eschscholtzii species complex
Source: Mycological Progress 18: 175-185 (2018)
Author(s): Narmani, A; Pichai, S; Palani, P; Arzanlou, M; Surup, F; Stadler, M;
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 7406

Title: Microbial community analysis of Takamatsuzuka and Kitora ancient tombs using molecular methods
Source: Science for Conservation 57: 23-47 (2018)
Author(s): Nishijima, M; An, K-D; Tomita, J; Kiyuna, T; Sato, Y; Kigawa, R; Sano, C; Udagawa, S; Tateishi, T; Sugiyama, J;
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 1502; UAMH 9525; UAMH 10335

Title: Isolation and identification of Sydowia polyspora and its pathogenicity on Pinus yunnanensis in Southwestern China
Source: Journal of Phytopathology 166: 386-395 (2018)
Author(s): Pan, Yue, Ye, Hui, Lu, Jun, Chen, Peng, Zhou, Xu‐Dong, Qiao, Min and Yu, Ze‐Fen
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 9731; UAMH 10297; UAMH 11211

Title: Methoxycamalexins and related compounds: Syntheses, antifungal activity and inhibition of brassinin oxidase
Source: Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 26: 4461-4469 (2018)
Author(s): Pedras, M. Soledade C. and Abdoli, Abbas
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 9410

Title: Phylogenetic characterization of two novel Kamalomyces species in Tubeufiaceae (Tubeufiales)
Source: Mycological Progress 17: 647-660 (2018)
Author(s): Phookamsak, Rungtiwa, Lu, Yong-Zhong, Hyde, Kevin D., Jeewon, Rajesh, Li, Junfu, Doilom, Mingkwan, Boonmee, Saranyaphat and Promputtha, Itthayakorn
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 1699; UAMH 7237

Title: Alternative Carrier Solvents for Pigments Extracted from Spalting Fungi
Source: Materials 11: 897 (2018)
Author(s): Pittis, Lauren, Rodrigues de Oliveira, Diego, Vega Gutierrez, Sarath M. and Robinson, Seri C.
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 4802; UAMH 7615

Title: Selective screening: isolation of fungal strains from contaminated soils in Austria
Source: Die Bodenkultur: Journal of Land Management, Food and Environment 68: 157-169 (2018)
Author(s): Poyntner, Caroline, Prem, Max, Mann, Oliver, Blasi, Barbara and Sterflinger, Katja
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 9209

Title: Study of bioactive secondary metabolites from the marine spinges and marine sponge-associated fungi
Source: PhD Thesis, Universidade do Porto (2018)
Author(s): Prompanya, C;
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 7944; UAMH 9515

Title: Linear triquinane sesquiterpenoids: their isolation, structures, biological activities, and chemical synthesis
Source: Molecules 23: 2095 (2018)
Author(s): Qiu Y; Lan W-J; Li H-J; Chen L-P
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 4262

Title: Evaluación del efecto de cinco hongos aislados endófitos de raíces de Pleurothallis coriacardia en la germinación de Epidendrum dalstromii
Source: BSc Thesis, Universidad de Cuenca (2018)
Author(s): Quishpe Guamán, CH;
UAMH strains(s): UAMH 6440; UAMH 6451; UAMH 7633