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Title: Genomic insights into the carbohydrate catabolism of Cairneyella variabilis gen. nov. sp. nov., the first reports from a genome of an ericoid mycorrhizal fungus from the southern hemisphere
Source: Mycorrhiza 26(4): 345-352 (2016)
Author(s): DJ Midgley, CP Rosewarne, P Greenfield, D Li et al.
UAMH strains(s): 5794; 8861; 9525; 10107; 10294
Title: Bambusicolous fungi
Source: Fungal Diversity 1-105 (2016)
Author(s): DQ Dai, R Phookamsak, NN Wijayawardene, WJ Li et al.
UAMH strains(s): 1699; 7237; 7495; 9301; 10529; 10530; 10531; 10533; 11088
Title: Diversity of fungi from the mound nests of Formica ulkei and adjacent non-nest soils
Source: Canadian Journal of Microbiology 62: 562-571 (2016)
Author(s): Duff, Lyndon B., Urichuk, Theresa M., Hodgins, Lisa N., Young, Jocelyn R. and Untereiner, Wendy A.
UAMH strains(s): 11867; 11868
Title: Olpitrichum sphaerosporum: a new USA record and phylogenetic placement
Source: Mycotaxon 131: 123-133 (2016)
Author(s): DW Li, NP Schultes, C Vossbrinck
UAMH strains(s): 11865
Title: Composition, device, and method for biological air sampling
Source: US Patent 20160032352 (2016)
Author(s): E Sobek
UAMH strains(s): 7863
Title: Lopadostoma taeniosporum revisited and a new species of Coniochaeta
Source: Sydowia 68: 87-97 (2016)
Author(s): Friebes, Gernot, Jaklitsch, Walter M., García, Susana and Voglmayr, Hermann
UAMH strains(s): 11702
Title: Institutional Votes at the XIX International Botanical Congress, Shenzhen, 2017: Report of the Special Committee on Institutional Votes
Source: Taxon 65: 1449-1454 (2016)
Author(s): Funk, Vicki A. and Turland, Nicholas J.
UAMH strains(s):
Title: Fungi and industrial pollutants
Source: Environmental and Microbial Relationships. The Mycota. IV. 2nd ed. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag : 69-84 (2016)
Author(s): Gadd, G. M.
UAMH strains(s): 8260
Title: A Comparative Study of New Aspergillus Strains for Proteolytic Enzymes Production by Solid State Fermentation
Source: Enzyme Research 3016149: 1-11 (2016)
Author(s): GE Ortiz, DG Noseda, MC Ponce Mora et al.
UAMH strains(s): 1623
Title: Mycoparasitic Scytalidium parasiticum as a potential biocontrol agent against Ganoderma boninense basal stem rot in oil palm
Source: Biocontrol Science and Technology 26: 1352-1365 (2016)
Author(s): Goh, Yit Kheng, Marzuki, Nurul Fadhilah, Goh, Teik Khiang, Tan, Suet Yee, Goh, You Keng and Goh, Kah Joo
UAMH strains(s): 10321; 10840
Title: Is the root-colonizing endophyte Acremonium strictum an ericoid mycorrhizal fungus?
Source: Mycorrhiza 26: 429-440 (2016)
Author(s): Grunewaldt-Stöcker, Gisela and von Alten, Henning
UAMH strains(s): 6563
Title: Species identity of Phellinus linteus (sanghuang) extensively used as a medicinal mushroom in Korea
Source: Journal of Microbiology 54: 290-295 (2016)
Author(s): Han, Jae-Gu, Hyun, Min-Woo, Kim, Chang Sun, Jo, Jong Won, Cho, Jae-Han, Lee, Kang-Hyo, Kong, Won-Sik, Han, Sang-Kuk, Oh, Junsang and Sung, Gi-Ho
UAMH strains(s): 10376
Title: Immune genes and divergent antimicrobial peptides in flies of the subgenus Drosophila
Source: BMC Evolutionary Biology 16: 228 (2016)
Author(s): Hanson, Mark A., Hamilton, Phineas T. and Perlman, Steve J.
UAMH strains(s): 1514
Title: Mechanical color reading of wood-staining fungal pigment textile dyes: an alternative method for determining colorfastness
Source: Coatings 6: 25 (2016)
Author(s): Hinsch, Eric M. and Robinson, Sara C.
UAMH strains(s): 10320; 11517; 11657
Title: Comparative seed germination and seedling development of the ghost orchid, Dendrophylax lindenii (Orchidaceae), and molecular identification of its mycorrhizal fungus from South Florida
Source: Annals of Botany 119: 379-393 (2016)
Author(s): Hoang, Nguyen H., Kane, Michael E., Radcliffe, Ellen N., Zettler, Lawrence W. and Richardson, Larry W.
UAMH strains(s): 11750
Title: Detection of Paranannizziopsis australasiensis in tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus) using fungal culture and a generic fungal PCR
Source: New Zealand Veterinary Journal 64: 298-300 (2016)
Author(s): Humphrey, S., Alexander, S. and Ha, H. J.
UAMH strains(s): 10692; 10693; 11644; 11645; 11665; 11719
Title: The Biotransformation of Bitumen
Source: MSc Thesis, University of Calgary (2016)
Author(s): I Desance
UAMH strains(s): 6944; 8168; 11620
Title: Extremotolerant rock inhabiting black fungi from Italian monumental sites
Source: Fungal Diversity 76: 75-96 (2016)
Author(s): Isola, D., Zucconi, L., Onofri, S., Caneva, G., De Hoog, G. S. and Selbmann, L.
UAMH strains(s): 10396; 11090
Title: Sorbicillinoids from fungi and their bioactivities
Source: Molecules 21(6): 715 (2016)
Author(s): J Meng, X Wang, D Xu, X Fu, X Zhang, D Lai, L Zhou et al.
UAMH strains(s): 4159
Title: Biology of the Whiskey Fungus
Source: Biology of Microfungi (Fungal Biology Series), pp 413-428 (2016)
Author(s): JA Scott, RC Summerbell
UAMH strains(s): 10808
Title: Molecular taxonomy of scopulariopsis-like fungi with description of new clinical and environmental species
Source: Fungal Biology 120: 586-602 (2016)
Author(s): Jagielski, Tomasz, Sandoval-Denis, Marcelo, Yu, Jin, Yao, Limin, Baku?a, Zofia, Kalita, Joanna, Skóra, Magdalena, Krzy?ciak, Pawe?, De Hoog, G. Sybren and Guarro, Josep
UAMH strains(s): 952; 2643; 9140; 9169
Title: Production of secondary metabolites in extreme environments: food-and airborne Wallemia spp. produce toxic metabolites at hypersaline conditions
Source: PLoS One 11: e0169116 (2016)
Author(s): Jan?i?, Sašo, Frisvad, Jens C., Kocev, Dragi, Gostin?ar, Cene, Džeroski, Sašo and Gunde-Cimerman, Nina
UAMH strains(s): 2757; 6689
Title: Halophily reloaded: new insights into the extremophilic life-style of Wallemia with the description of Wallemia hederae sp. nov
Source: Fungal Diversity 76: 97-118 (2016)
Author(s): Jan?i?, Sašo, Zalar, Polona, Kocev, Dragi, Schroers, Hans-Josef, Džeroski, Sašo and Gunde-Cimerman, Nina
UAMH strains(s): 2651; 2757; 2817; 6689
Title: Snake fungal disease: an emerging threat to wild snakes
Source: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 371(1709): 20150457 (2016)
Author(s): JM Lorch, S Knowles, JS Lankton, K Michell et al.
UAMH strains(s): 11863
Title: Qualitative and quantitative methods for isolation and characterization of lignin-modifying enzymes secreted by microorganisms
Source: BioEnergy Research 10: 248-266 (2016)
Author(s): Kameshwar, Ayyappa Kumar Sista and Qin, Wensheng
UAMH strains(s): 8260